Flacco Seagulls

If you’re like me, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco always makes you think of Joe Klecko (the ex-Jet), then of retired placekicker Al Del Greco, then of Spanish Renaissance painter El Greco, then (in short order) of Del Taco, the Geico Gecko, fight doctor Ferdie Pacheco, pachinko (the Japanese arcade game), Plinko (pachinko-like game on “The Price is Right”), Zico (Brazilian soccer legend), Deco (Portuguese-Brazilian soccer semi-legend), Necco (the New England Confectionary Co., maker of candy valentine hearts), Richard Grieco (of “21 Jump Street”), Wacko Jacko (British tabloid epithet for Michael Jackson), Taco (who sang “Puttin’ on the Ritz”), Paco (Rabanne), Poco (’70s soft rockers who did “Crazy Love”), Jocko (Conlan, Hall-of-Fame umpire), Rocco (Mediate), the VW Scirocco and the health-care documentary “Sicko,” which — depending on your political leanings — was or was not socko. If you’re like me.

One thought on “Flacco Seagulls

  1. I think Tom Hulce would agree that a purple #5 reminds him instantly of the 80’s Austrian pop impresario Falco.

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