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I’ll be reading and signing The Pint ManĀ in New York tonight at 6:30 in my old hangout — the Emerald Inn bar, 205 Columbus Avenue near 69th Street. This is part of a larger plan to put the pub back in publicity tour by visiting great bars while traveling to promote the novel, so if you have a favorite joint, let me know.

8 thoughts on “Pub Tour

  1. Mike McGovern’s pub in Baltimore. It’s on Clinton Street in the Canton neighborhood, only open Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Name another bar that has a statue of St. Patrick right next to a statue of Johnny Unitas.

  2. Steve: Try the Half Door in Hartford; Weak on the urinals but great local pub. Loved the Pint Man

  3. Sadly, there’s nothing remotely like Boyle’s where I live. But I loved, loved, LOVED The Pint Man. It’s often a lonely life, being the resident Grammar Cop and Word Nerd, so it was quite a treat to read a novel about one of my people. So yay for the Rushin family. Rebecca has always been one step higher on the shrine, though I left Storrs long before she arrived. Air & Space got you a toe-hold and now Rodney has earned you a share of #1. Thanks for all the fun.

  4. @Sandra
    P.S. I snorted beer out my nose from laughing so hard while reading. Edith and Drinketh deserve a shrine of their own.

  5. Steve, here in Deland Florida there is a great great bar called “FAT MAX’S” named after the owners dog, and there logo is a picture of Max with a hat and a cigar. You would fall in love with the place.


  6. Yesterday afternoon I had to change a lightbulb. A little later, I crossed the road and walked into a bar.

    I realized my life was just a big joke.

  7. I thought this book tour was going to consist exclusively of shuttling back and forth between your house and your favorite bars in NYC (which is less a tour than an excuse), but I see that you made it all the way to Arkansas without setting foot in her northern neighbor, Missouri. If you come back this way, let me recommend Flat Branch Pub & Brewing (one of Esquire’s best bars in America) in Columbia, or O’Dowd’s Little Dublin in Kansas City (which only seems Disney-fied until you’ve had the boxty). I’ll personally scare up a group of thirsty readers at either place.

  8. If you make it to San Francisco for the Pub Tour, I recommend reading at Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub, where you will find a namesake of one of your book’s characters, Mairead. She not only tends bar, but is also a co-owner.

    Not only that, but it is the home of the Bay Area Gooners, an Arsenal supporters group, which would make your children proud.

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