Minnesota Appearances

I’ll be reading and signing The Pint Man at two Irish bars in the Twin Cities this week. On Thursday, May 20, I’ll be at O’Gara’s in St. Paul. The event is at 7 PM — not at 8 PM, as was erroneously listed on the News section of this website. Again: It’s at 7, not 8. After the reading, I will yield to the house band, fronted by Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune

The next night, Friday, May 21, I’ll be at O’Donovan’s in Minneapolis, across from the Target Center. The event, another drink-and-ink, is at 5:30 PM, ending in time to get me down the block to Target Field for my first outdoor Twins home game in 30 years. The Twins, appropriately, are playing the Brewers.

Books will be available in both bars.