Minnesota Appearances

I’ll be reading and signing The Pint Man at two Irish bars in the Twin Cities this week. On Thursday, May 20, I’ll be at O’Gara’s in St. Paul. The event is at 7 PM — not at 8 PM, as was erroneously listed on the News section of this website. Again: It’s at 7, not 8. After the reading, I will yield to the house band, fronted by Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune

The next night, Friday, May 21, I’ll be at O’Donovan’s in Minneapolis, across from the Target Center. The event, another drink-and-ink, is at 5:30 PM, ending in time to get me down the block to Target Field for my first outdoor Twins home game in 30 years. The Twins, appropriately, are playing the Brewers.

Books will be available in both bars.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Appearances

  1. Steve,

    Okay, this is my second attempt to write to you as my first was mysteriously lost when I went to another screen. It’s been a long time since I have visited your site, but something made me do it (probably, not the devil, but the fact that the alternative was reading key informant interviews for a Fish and Game study I’m involved in here in California).
    First, I must admit I have just recently renewed my subscription with SI. I had let the last subscription lapse as my protest against you not writing for them anymore. It’s as if the marshmellows were left off the s’more. Or perhaps the chocolate. But I need something to read while putting in my time on the stationary bike, and I have finally realized that no one seems to care about my s’mores.
    I reread your Marquette speech and then saw the interview about your new book. Now I’m responding for the first time to a blog (writing to you,a writer I really enjoyed, was also a first for me. Okay, the first time was to Mary Stuart to urge her to be finish her King Arthur trilogy, which seemed to have modest success, obviously more than my SI protest).
    Your blog mentions that you did a couple of book signings at Irish bars in May. My delemma is twofold. Obviously, I’m a little late to attend those signings. And, second, the chances of you having a book signing in Chico are rather slim (especially at an Irish bar since I don’t think we have one although we have a plethora of bars). I am going to get a copy of your book and was wondering if I could get you to sign it if I sent it to you? And if the answer is yes, were might I send it since I won’t be able to attach it to your mailbox?
    Hope to hear back from you.


    PS Would keep writing but need to put at least a half hour or so into reading the interviews to justify lunch. Although maybe Zgenga would be a better choice.

  2. Okay, I lied. I read the interview in GQ, and it’s now time for lunch. Wow, there’s two things we have in common according to the interview. A student once came into my office and saw my wife sitting on my lap (as innocent as the home movies of the baseball player). She asked if my wife were my daughter (Lisa, yes, my wife’s name also, is nine years younger than me). Also, I have he same fear in bathrooms, probably coming from a movie I saw once with a scene where two guys bash another guy’s head into the urinal. Can’t think of the movie now, but the scene, planted firmly in my brain, still remains (geez, my last comment might work in a song, ha).

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